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Welcome to the ACC's California Chapter Cardiovascular Team Member Section, the home for cardiovascular team professionals within the ACC, advocating for and advancing priorities of interest to the community.

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CA ACC NP's promote CVT Membership

Mary Schoenbaum, RN, ACNP-C, AACC [pictured left] and Tracy Finegan, NP [pictured right] have been involved in some fun activities to help increase number of CVT members at the "New Innovations in Heart Failure" in LA.


Free ACC Membership through 2021 for Non-Physician Members of the Cardiovascular Care Team

[June 2020] The American College of Cardiology is offering free membership (up to $138 savings) to AACC or CV Team members through December 31, 2021.

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Benefits include:

- Free digital access to JACC
- Clinical Guidelines
- Discounts on live courses and education
- In-person and online networking opportunities
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CVT Leadership, Past & Present

[August 2019] Northern CVT Chair, Julia Itsikson, CNS, AACC (left) and Immediate Past Northern CVT Chair, Evelyn Taverna, NP, CNS, AACC (right) at the 12th Annual Northern California Cardiovascular Team (CVT) Symposium.


CVT Award Banquet

[Winter 2019] The CVT Annual award banquet held at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills in November 2018 brought an award to our very own Julia Itsikson, RN, CNS as Cardiovascular Team Member of the Year. Julia is well deserving of this award dedicating herself to the field of Cardiology on the Heart Failure Team at Stanford University as well as the Northern California Liaison for the CVT Section of CA ACC. Congratulations to Julia!


SoCal 4th Annual CVT Symposium Recap

By Tracy Finegan, ACNP-BC, AACC and Mary Schoenbaum, NP, AACC, SoCal CVT State Liaisons

[Winter 2018] Held at the beautiful Marriott Resort and Spa in Newport Beach on Feb 23, 2018, this event was a huge success. Over 90 attendees and outstanding reviews!
Dr Beth Haney, NP, DNP who is also a City Council Women for the City of Yorba Linda, was our keynote speaker on ‘’Healthcare and Politics.’’ A great way to start the day. Other notable topics included East-West Medicine and CV Disease, Growing Old with Congenital Heart Disease, Uncommon Etiologies of Heart Failure, EKG Interpretation, Impella Devices, and EP Updates among many other great topics.
A wine reception following the symposium was great for networking and catching up with colleagues. And for those that stayed the night, the next morning we had a 5k run/walk followed by a yoga class with Maria Fe White, NP.


California CVT Members Participating at ACC.18

[Winter 2018] ACC.18 was held March 10-12, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. It was a fantastic conference filled with education, late-breaking information, new technology and great opportunities for networking and socializing. We are proud to have had many CA Cardiovascular Team Members as speakers in educational sessions and on discussion panels. Congratulations to these members:
• Jennifer M. Ballard-Hernandez, DNP, AACC
• Susan M. Fernandes, LPD, PA-C
• Yvonne Gallegos, DNP, ANP-BC, CWS
• Cher A. Hagaman, NP, CCNS, AACC
• Asma Hussaini, PA-C, AACC
• Nicholas Kim, BA
• Margo Minissian, PhD, ACNP, CLS, AACC
• Margaret A. Morley, DNP
• Mary Schoenbaum, NP, AACC
• Martina Kelly Speight, FNP-BC, MSN
• Marie Fe White, NP, AACC

Evaluation and Long-Term Prognosis of New-Onset, Transient, and Persistent Anemia in Ambulatory Patients With Chronic Heart Failure

[2008] Check Out This Interesting, useful article from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

[excerpt from Journal of the American College of Cardiology Volume 51, Issue 5, February 2008] Conclusions: These observations in a broad unselected outpatient cohort suggest that anemia in patients with heart failure is under-recognized and underevaluated. However, resolution of anemia was evident in up to 43% of patients who presented initially with anemia, and did not pose greater long-term risk for all-cause mortality. However, the presence of persistent anemia conferred poorest survival in patients with heart failure when compared with that of incident, resolved, or no anemia.
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Purpose of our California Chapter

The purpose of the Chapter shall be to contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, to ensure optimal quality care for the individuals with such diseases and to foster the highest professional ethical standards. In carrying out these purposes the Chapter shall function in consultation with the leadership of the College and as an advisor to local and state governmental and professional organizations concerning issues related to cardiovascular disease.

The Chapter shall, in the interests of patients, physicians, and the public in general, maintain a high level of social consciousness and involvement with socioeconomic issues which may influence access to high quality cardiovascular health care for all individuals.

The Chapter has been formed as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation underthe federal and California state tax codes. The Chapter maintains an Executive Office with a full time Executive Director and support staff. The Chapter also maintains a full time lobbyist and staff in Sacramento.

Past Presentations from the CVT's Educational Sessions

Presentations from our annual CVT sessions are accessible via a password to our members. Contact the CA ACC office if you need the password.



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