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Welcome to the ACC's California Chapter Cardiovascular Team Member Section, the home for cardiovascular team professionals within the ACC, advocating for and advancing priorities of interest to the community.

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News of ACC's Cardiovascular Team

November 23, 2015
Two CA ACC CVT's Awarded Travel Grants for 2015 ACC Legislative Conference

Two of our chapter's CVT members were given grants to attend: Elizabeth Scruth and Ed Pezanoski. Elizabeth shared her experience in our Caring for California Fall 2015 Newsletter. Ed shared his thoughts below.

From Ed Pezanoski, RCIS:

"This past October I had the privilege to attend the ACC Legislative Conference in Washington D.C., what a unique experience and busy time it was. I was there hoping to gain experience on how to invite legislators to focus on issues that we felt were important to Cardiology. I was very fortunate to meet many ACC members from all over the country. I was told there were over 400 members at the conference. The first evening was spent enjoying the wisdom and humor of Dr. Charles Krauthammer."

"Day two was packed with talks to help prepare you for your advocacy future. Over the years of my advocacy efforts here in California I have been in email contact to both national and state ACC advocacy leadership and now I was finally able to put faces together with their names. I was able to have private sessions with these Advocacy leaders to discuss California’s Cardiovascular Professional issues. From the time the meeting started I was surrounded by opportunities that allowed me to network with staff as well as many new people that I was introduced to."

"Day three left little time to waste. It started at 6:30 AM boarding a bus to the capital and several talks by Legislators over breakfast. Later in the morning I joined almost a dozen California ACC Members in visiting the office of Senator Diane Feinstein. We were able to thank the Senator for her help resolving the decade long issue of Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). In the afternoon I was fortunate to have opportunities to have one on one discussion with many California Cardiologists as well as ACC administrators. I walked away from this conference knowing that I was not alone in my advocacy efforts and that both the state and national ACC organizations were there to help."

September 10, 2014
Petition on Allied Health Professional Issues in California

CA ACC supports team-based care in all aspects of our patient care. Please review and consider signing SICP’s petition protesting the California State regulatory bodies which limit what CV techs can do in cath labs.

Radiation issues are specifically addressed in board exams for interventional cardiologists, radiation physicians and safety. See

August 7, 2015
8th Annual Northern Cardiovascular Team Symposium

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Location: Hyatt Regency San Francisco

August 8, 2014
7th Annual Northern Cardiovascular Team Symposium

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Location: JW Marriott San Francisco, Union Square

4th Annual Northern California ACC Cardiac Care Associate (now Cardiovascular Team) Symposium

[July 16, 2011]

1. Presentation: "Pharmacotherapy in Chronic Heart Failure: Translating Evidence-Based Recommendations into Practice"
by Jennifer Ballard-Hernandez, MSN, RN, FNP-BC/GNP-BC, CCRN-CSC, AACC [pdf; 46 pages]

2. Presentation: "Anticoagulation: A Changing Landscape"
by Kelly Matsuda, Pharm.D. [pdf; 46 pages]

3. Presentation: "California's Pathway to the Future of Nursing"
by Deloras Jones, Executive Director, California Institute for Nursing & Health Care

4. Presentation: "Quality in Motion: Keeping Pace with Change and Improvement"
by Evelyn Taverna, RN, MS, CNS & Eileen Pummer, RN, MSN, CPHQ, AACC; Quality Managers at Stanford Hospital and Clinics [pdf; 42 pages]

5. Presentation: "Evaluation of Suspected CAD in 2011"
by Xiushui Ren, MD, FACC and Nader Banki, MD, FACC [pdf; 74 pages]
Department of Cardiology, Kaiser Permanente Redwood City.

For presentations from more recent CTV symposiums, log in to our presentations page above

Check Out This Interesting, Useful article from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

[excerpt] Conclusions: These observations in a broad unselected outpatient cohort suggest that anemia in patients with heart failure is under-recognized and underevaluated. However, resolution of anemia was evident in up to 43% of patients who presented initially with anemia, and did not pose greater long-term risk for all-cause mortality. However, the presence of persistent anemia conferred poorest survival in patients with heart failure when compared with that of incident, resolved, or no anemia.  Read More