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Government Relations

Monitor all legislation and actively lobby to defeat those bills which we consider adverse to the health interest of the people of California, as well as to support those bills which are in their best health interests. We will pursue our legislative programs at every possible stage of the legislative process.

CMA Relations

Partner with the California Medical Association to advocating for physicians, nurses, and their patients.

Third Party / CAC

Monitor all issues dealing with quality of patient care and third party reimbursement, educate payors on issues, and keep the membership informed of ongoing changes.

Nominations and Awards

Recommend nominees for the 31 District Council positions and Governors. Solicit and certify all annual award recipients.

Budget and Finance

Prepare an annual budget and monitor the results of Chapter operations. Prepare and present monthly reports of the financial condition of the Chapter.

Pediatric Cardiology

The Pediatric Cardiology Committee provides input from pediatric cardiology to the Chapter’s Committees and Council. Issues of recent concern for the Chapter have included the epidemic of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes in children.


Design and implement programs that address member needs and continually educate members about such programs, as well as encouraging them to take advantage of all the various benefits CA ACC offers.

Political Action (PAC)

Contribute to the election of candidates whose political philosophies and values reflect those of cardiovascular specialists and who are in a position to further our goals of optimizing cardiovascular care for our patients. Encourage members to donate to allow CA ACC to represent cardiovascular interests in Sacramento. Membership in the PAC is voluntary.

Cardiovascular Team

Provide a forum for interaction and education for Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Physican Assistants, Registered Nurses, PharmD's, and other support team members.

Certification and Licensure Task Force

This committee is responsible for advocating for sensible state and Federal regulations, and educating CA ACC members about the regulations and changes as they occur.

Fellows in Training

Provide quality education on topics not included in their training programs. Continue communicating with Program Directors throughout the state.

Women in Cardiology

Provide mentors, targeted education and support for Women in Cardiology in the various phases of their careers. Encourage new women in Cardiology and those in the field to remain in the field.

Quality Committee

The Quality Committee/Initiatives shall focus on new standards for health system reform that is patient focused, value-based and fosters continuous quality and outcomes improvement. It shall also encourage and assist chapter-wide integration and completion of all National Quality Initiatives, as well as any additional initiatives that local leadership select, such as STEMI, D2B, Hospital to Home, & Mission Lifeline.

Practice Administrator

Provide tools to improve clinical care management and information on advocacy, reimbursement & policy issues affecting cardiovascualr care management.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is charged with getting CA members involved, engaged and proud to be FACC. Get patients and public to realize the import and need for FACC.

Early Career

To identify needs of those new in practice and coordinate educational and networking events.

Technology / Medical IT / HER

Catalyzing innovation to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.


To reduce the number of Californians with heart and vascular diseases through education and promotion of optimal heart healthy lifestyles, risk factor control, and preventive therapies.


Helping Physicians avoid burnout by promoting intrinsic motivations and how what we DO at work aligns with our overall values and purpose in life.

Diversity & Inclusion

1. Build a robust pipeline of of medical students and internal medicine residents interested in cardiology.
2. Ensure diversity and inclusion in our training programs.
3. Provide leadership development opportunities

Exercise Health & Sports Cardiology

1. To add value to our membership by educating our members in diagnosis and treatment of athletes.
2. To raise the awareness of Exercise Health to the Californians thereby reducing and preventing Cardiovascular related morbidity and mortality.

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