Executive Committee of the California Chapter ACC

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Included are the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Committees.

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The California Chapter a Google Group for our Board of Directors and Committee Leadership! If you aren't on it, send a request to our chapter at Lianna@caacc.org

Leadership FAQ's

Chapter Council meetings are held face to face three times annual: March, June and October

Additional conference calls may be scheduled as well.

Councilors are expected to attend all meetings

They will also communicate with constituents in their Districts regularly to advise of activity and seek input from members.

Educate members about the value of Chapter and national membership

Including specific results ACC yeilds for its' members.

Serve as a Key Contact in your District

Assist members in contacting legislators and responding to "legislative alerts.

Enlist Support for State Legislative Issues which may affect Cardiovascular Practice

Contact Legislators with the Chapter’s position on legislation.

Attend Chapter Annual Meetings

Encourage members in your District to attend.

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