June 9, 2018
CA ACC Tech Symposium 2018
Future Innovations: The Promise and Peril of Digital Medicine

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

$50: Physicians & Advance Practice Members
$150: Non-Members
Free: Students & Residents

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
1700 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Event Poster
Event Agenda

Videos from our CA ACC Tech Symposium 2017
"Future Innovations: The promise and peril of a digital future"

2017 ACC Tech Symposium Recap
4 min.  

Welcome Address Presented by Norman Lepor, MD, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI, CA ACC Past President and Southern California Governor; Medical Director, Medical Education Outreach Programs, Cedars Sinai.
3 min.  YouTube Video Link

"The Promise of AI in Cardiology". Presented by Vic Gundotra, President & CEO of AliveCor.
25 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Leveraging Precision Phenotyping, Panomics and Systems-Biology-Driven ML/AI for Drug and Biomarker Discovery and Development". Presented by Presented by William T. Abraham, MD, FACP, FACC, FAHA, FESC, FRCP, Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Cell Biology Chair of Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine Director, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine Deputy Director, Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute The Ohio State University.
29 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Remote Monitoring for Heart Failure". Presented by Szilard Voros, MD, FACC, FSCCT, Founder & CEO of the Global Genomics Group.
50 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Together We Rise: The Future of Cardiology" Presented by Rigved Tadwalkar, MD, MS, FACP, UCLA Harbor and CA ACC Technology Committee member.
12 min.  YouTube Video Link

"The Achilles Heel of Digital Health" Presented by Andre Atoian, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Spry Health, Inc.
12 min.  YouTube Video Link

Panel DIscussion: "The Future of Clinical Research, Data Analytics & Synthesis, Upcoming Challenges"
14 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Digital Medicine & What It Will Mean for the Future" Presented by Steven R. Steinhubl, MD, Director, Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute, Cardiologist, Scripps Health.
28 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Future Innovations The Promise and Peril of Digital Medicine - An Introduction" Presented by Seema Pursnani, MD, MPH, FACC, Kaiser Permanente.
11 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Future Innovations: The Promise and Peril of Digital Medicine." Presented by Raj Khandwalla, MD, MPH, FACC, Cedars Sinai.
13 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Heart Disease: The #1 Cause of Death in the US." Presented by Abdul Hamid Halabi, PhD, Global Business Development Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences at NVIDIA.
29 min.  YouTube Video Link

"Your Heart Counts: Mining Mobile Health Data for Cardiovascular Health". Presented by Anna Shcherbina, PhD, Biomedical Informatics PhD Program at Stanford University.
21 min.  YouTube Video Link

About the Symposium

The CA ACC Tech Symposium 2018 will be June 9, 2018 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, produced by the California Chapter of the American College of Cardiology. The topic is "Future Innovations: The Promise and Peril of Digital Medicine"





Tech Symposium Speakers 2018

John Harold MD MACC
"The Future for Healthcare"

Former President, ACC

Raj Khandwalla MD FACC
"Digital Cardiology, Implications for a Connected"

Assistant Professor, Director of CV Education, Cedars Sinai Heart Institute.

Daniel Grant PhD
"Patient Centered Doesn’t Have to Mean Subjective – The Role of Digital Sensors in Refocusing Clinical Development on the Patient"

Director, Early Development Medicine Lead at Novartis

Evan Muse MD PhD FACC
"Precision Medicine Initiative"

Cardiologist, Scripps Clinic; Assistant Professor, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Dave Albert MD FACC v John Mandrola MD FACC
"Debate: Will Digital Medicine Improve Outcomes at a Reasonable Cost?"


Jeff Olgin MD FACC
"eCohorts and eRandomized Registries, Leveraging Digital Technology for Research"

Chair, Division of Cardiology, UCSF

Geoff Tison MD FACC
"Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: The Potential for Cardiology and Medicine"

Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiology, UCSF



Thank you for our CA ACC Tech Symposium 2017 Committee!

Raj Khandwalla
Seema Pursnani
Rigved Tadwalkar
Evan Muse
David Cho
Yu Xie
Raymond Zimmer
Gerald Bourne