California Chapter Leadership

Executive Committee

Our chapter executive team consists of nine members consisting of the President, the Vice President, the two immediate Past Governors, and Secretary-Treasurer. One of the current Governors of the American College of Cardiology for the State of California shall serve as President of the Chapter and the other shall serve as Vice President. They serve a three year term. ACC leaders educate members about the value of Chapter and national membership, including specific results ACC yields for its members.  View Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Our CA ACC Board of Directors is made up of 31 District Councilors representing 13 districts throughout the state, as well as a 6 person Executive Committee.   
View Board of Directors

Committees & Chairs

Committee chairs and members are appointed by the President of the Chapter. Standing Committees of the Chapter include the Executive, Government Relations, Membership, Nominating, Budget and Finance, Third Party Relations/Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC), Bylaws, Pediatric, Quality, Fundraising, Cardiac Care Associates (CCA), Geriatric, Fellows In Training (FIT), and Publications. There will also be special or ad hoc committees or task forces to address special subjects of interest to the Chapter. View Committees

Chapter By-Laws Articles

Our chapter bylaws are our rules for our organization and community. Our bylaws cover membership classifications, regulate meetings, nominations and leadership, terms of office, annual report, indemnification, ethics, process for amendments to the bylaws.