Author: Ramin Manshadi, MD, FACC, immediate past president of ACC’s California Chapter, and president of Manshadi Heart Institute. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University and clinical professor at UC Davis.

[Excerpt] Humanity has experienced a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Surfacing first as a small report on a mysterious disease in one of China’s provinces, COVID-19 soon became major news affecting everyone worldwide: rich and poor, elderly and young, the mighty and feeble. Ethnic minorities have experienced a much higher rate of mortality from the virus. In California, data show that 55.1% of COVID-19 positive patients are Hispanic, and they account for 46% of total related deaths. Blacks comprise just 4.1% of those with COVID-19, but 6.2% of the total related deaths. Making matters worse, only 2.8% of the Black population in the state have been vaccinated. It is evident there are health care inequities among specific patient populations.

My Outreach to Provide COVID-19 Vaccination

I have a solo practice with three advanced practice providers that is considered a small business. In my practice, 40% of patients are Hispanic and 15% are Black. I was fortunate to be able to secure vaccines for COVID-19 through public health sources and I offer them to my patients and others, with an emphasis on our patients who are over 65 years and Hispanic or Black. [Continue reading at link below]

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